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DLL Explorer v1.5

DLL Explorer is a useful utility which lists all loaded DLLs across all
running processes. To simplify the analysis of loaded DLLs, the program lists only unique and non-system DLL files, along with the file publisher and description. A one-click save log can also be created making system snapshots simple.

For Windows 7 SP1, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32/64-bit)

app screenshot

View All Loaded DLL Files

This tool lists all third-party non-system loaded DLL files and shows detailed information about every loaded DLL file. To simplify the detection of potentially malicious DLLs, the program highlights suspicious DLL files, such as DLLs that can’t be found on disk, or that have the hidden attribute. You can also safely delete on the next reboot a loaded DLL and hide all
Microsoft Windows system-protected DLLs.

List Loaded DLLs

This tool lists all unique and non-system loaded DLL files.

Ignore System DLLs

To simplify DLL analysis, all system-protected DLLs are not listed.

Remove Loaded DLLs

You can safely remove on the next reboot a loaded DLL file.

Suspicious DLLs

Highlights potentially malicious DLL files (hidden, not found, etc).

DLL Information

Show detailed information (filename, publisher, etc) about every DLL.

Export Report

You can easily export the list of all loaded DLL modules on a text file.

Application Screenshots

Here there are some screenshots of the application.

app screen

What's New

Here you can find what we have changed and updated.
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[25-Apr-2023] - v1.5.0.0

+ Remember main window and columns size
+ Show additional DLL details (signed, vendor, md5 hash, etc)
+ Check if a DLL is unsigned
+ Count number of unsigned DLLs and loaded DLLs
+ Added scan filter to hide signed DLLs
+ Added scan filter to hide DLLs on System Space
+ Added scan filter to hide DLLs on Program Files
+ Added scan filter to hide non-suspicious DLLs
+ Added popup-menu option Search Hash on VirusTotal
+ Added popup-menu option Copy Selected Item(s) to Clipboard
+ Added popup-menu option Copy ALL Items to Clipboard
+ Minor fixes and optimizations
+ Updated internal libraries

[05-Mar-2023] - v1.4.0.0

+ Improved support for high-DPI
+ Improved installer and uninstaller scripts
+ Updated NoVirusThanks License Manager to latest version
+ Font Segoe UI is now used on all UI elements
+ Minor fixes and optimizations
+ Updated internal libraries

Product Details

Version 1.5
Last Updated April 25, 2023
Operating System Windows 7 SP1, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32/64-bit)
License Type Shareware
Setup File Size ~44 MB
Install Size ~10 MB