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Here you can find all Windows applications that are part of Appsvoid.
The applications range from cybersecurity tools to productivity tools and utilities of general use.
All of our software are digitally signed, free of adware and spyware, and offer a fully-functional
30-day trial so you can test them well before purchasing.

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Connections Viewer

View and manage TCP and UDP connections.

Apr 13, 2023    v1.5.0.0
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MD5 Checksum Tool

Compute file MD5/SHA cryptographic hash values.

Apr 26, 2023    v4.7.0.0
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File Governor

Unlock locked files and folder in use by other programs.

Mar 15, 2023    v2.6.0.0
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MAC Address Changer

Change (spoof) MAC address of your network adapters.

Mar 01, 2023    v1.2.0.0
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File Shredder Tool

Permanently and securely delete important files.

Mar 31, 2023    v1.4.0.0
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Win Update Fixer

Fix common Windows Update issues (i.e 0x80070422).

May 08, 2023    v1.5.0.0
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File Lines Manipulator

Modify text lines of files (remove duplicates, sort lines, etc).

Jul 21, 2023    v1.4.0.0
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Smart File Finder

Find files by name, signer, MD5, SHA, CRC32, ED2K, etc.

Nov 11, 2023    v2.1.0.0
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Regex Extractor

Extract any text from files with regular expressions.

Sep 03, 2023    v1.1.0.0
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Smart PC Locker Pro

Powerful application designed to lock your computer.

Mar 20, 2023    v4.1.0.0
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Signer Extractor

Extract all signers (Trusted Vendors) found in your system.

Mar 03, 2023    v1.3.0.0
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Easy Email Extractor

Extract email addresses from text files, folders, URLs.

Apr 26, 2023    v1.6.0.0
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Smooth Uninstaller

View and uninstall Windows software installed in the system.

Apr 01, 2023    v1.0.0.0
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Smart URL Checker

Check HTTP status of a URLs list and export results to CSV.

Jun 05, 2023    v1.0.0.0
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IP Extractor

Extract IPv4 addresses from text files, folders, URLs.

Apr 26, 2023    v1.4.0.0
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Smart File Delete

Safely delete locked files and hard-to-delete files.

Mar 02, 2023    v1.3.0.0
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LNK File Guard

Block suspicious and unknown .LNK shortcut files.

Apr 10, 2023    v1.3.0.0
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Startup Folder Guard

Delete any file found on Windows Startup folders.

Apr 08, 2023    v1.1.0.0
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Base64 Tool

Convert file to base64, convert base64 to PDF/MP3/PNG/JPG.

Jun 05, 2023    v1.0.0.0
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Strong Passwd Generator

Password creation tool to create hard-to-crack passwords.

Mar 01, 2023    v1.3.0.0
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Drive Revealer

Discover hardware device properties of mapped logical drives.

Sep 06, 2023    v1.5.0.0
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Kernel-Mode Drivers Manager

View the driver load order of all loaded kernel drivers.

Mar 06, 2023    v1.5.0.0
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DLL UnInjector

Search, unload\uninject and remove loaded DLLs.

Mar 08, 2023    v1.5.0.0
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DLL Explorer

Lists unique and non-system loaded DLL files.

Apr 25, 2023    v1.5.0.0
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Raw File Copier Pro

Copy files which cannot be copied through traditional means.

Mar 27, 2023    v1.7.0.0
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Enumerate the list of shared network resources.

Mar 05, 2023    v1.2.0.0
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PE Export Viewer

Find what functions are exported or imported by a PE file.

Mar 06, 2023    v1.2.0.0
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Kernel-Mode Driver Loader

Debug errors occured while loading a kernel driver.

Mar 06, 2023    v1.4.0.0
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Stream Detector

Find and remove all hidden Alternate Data Streams.

Mar 04, 2023    v1.4.0.0
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Registry Delete Ex

Delete locked registry keys and values via a kernel driver.

Apr 07, 2024    v1.4.0.0
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Threat Killer

A fully-scriptable malware remover tool.

Mar 07, 2023    v2.2.0.0
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Fast Folder Eraser Pro

Quickly delete folders with a large number of files.

Apr 03, 2023    v4.3.0.0
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PE Capture

Capture PE files (EXE, DLL, SYS) loaded in the system.

Apr 09, 2023    v1.5.0.0
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Process Logger

Keep track of every process executed in the system.

Apr 09, 2023    v1.8.0.0
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Analyze and check SSDT hooks in your system.

Mar 03, 2023    v1.5.0.0
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Registry Guard

Block processes from modifying registry keys/values.

Apr 11, 2023    v1.9.0.0
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USB Capture

Copy files and folders from every USB device to disk.

Apr 10, 2023    v1.2.0.0
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SysTray Refresh

Keep the system tray clean by removing dead icons.

Mar 31, 2023    v1.2.0.0